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We've Got Your Bike Parking Covered

Providing covered bike parking will not only please your building's tenants, it will help boost your LEED credit total, too! Dero has two LEED certified experts on staff who can help you get the most out of your project as you go for LEED recognition.


Bike Shelters

The number one reason a person will choose not to bike is a lack of secure bike parking at their destination. Providing bike parking costs far less than car parking, and you will send a message that cyclists are welcomed and encouraged on campus.


Bike Lockers

Bike parking is great - covered bike parking is even better. Did you know that you can earn LEED credits for your project for covered bike parking too? We've got both shelters and individual lockers to suit your needs.

bike rooms

Bike Rooms

Bike parking does not need to be placed outside. Got a spare storage room, a corner of a parking ramp or a wide tunnel? Consider converting that space into a bike storage room.

We will help you maximize your parking capacity with a free CAD layout.