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Dero is a proud sponsor of QBP’s Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship

In an effort to grow women ridership and support the development of women at bike shops, Dero is proud to sponsor Quality Bicycle Product’s (QBP) third annual Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship. This program will offer 16 scholarships for an all-women’s class of Professional Repair and Shop Operations at the United Bicycle Institute.

Poor bike shop experiences are, and continue to be, barriers for women bicyclists. At Dero, we believe acting to create institutional change through programs like this scholarship will help catalyze broader systemic gains in our national bicycling community. In the League of American Bicyclists’ Bike Shops for Everyone report, it identified hiring more women as one of the top seven strategies for attracting and retaining more women customers.

“Dero is excited to support QBP’s Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship. More women in the bike industry creates a healthier, more inclusive biking experience for everyone,” says Bri Whitcraft, Director of Marketing at Dero. “We’re thrilled to be able to partner with QBP and other industry leaders to expand this national opportunity.”

To apply and for more information about the Women’s Mechanic Scholarship, click here. Application deadline is October 31, 2015.

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Introducing New Fixit World Map

Fixit map, featuring over 700 public bike repair stations from around the world, with new stations added daily. Cities, regional parks, universities, and bicycle advocacy groups can now embed this map in their bicycle resources webpage to share with their residents and members. “By creating this map, we hope it will help bicyclists to find a Fixit when they’re in a pinch. We want people to be able get home or to a bike shop safely,” expressed map creator Colin Klotzbach, designer at Dero.

For the past year, Dero has been collecting coordinates for Fixits in the public realm. QR code scans on the Fixit alert Dero to possible installations and they are then verified through press releases or social media posts. Helpful customers and cyclists also send in locations of repair stations. The Fixit map continues to grow as the popularity of bicycling around the world increases. Currently, Dero Fixits can be found in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States, including Puerto Rico.

To view Dero’s Fixit map, click here. If a Fixit is misplaced or missing from the map, please contact us.


Dero Through the Years: Boxes and Bullwinkles

If you walked away from a fruitless job interview in college, would you expect to be working at that company as their Director of Marketing a decade later? Bri probably didn’t think so. In this installment of Dero history, she tells us about her custom touring bike and what it was like to interview with Dero during the company’s infancy.

How long have you been at Dero?

Since June 2013…just over two years now.

Do you ride bikes?


Where is your favorite place ride?

I’m falling back in love with the Gateway Trail. Earlier this spring I was exploring with a friend and we found the connector trail to Stillwater. It was so great to ride 99% trails from my home in South Minneapolis all the way to Stillwater.

What is your favorite bike to ride?

My favorite bike was my blue Dawes commuter/touring bike that I had built in Australia and shipped back home, but it was stolen last fall. We had so many adventures together – touring solo in Tasmania, Bicycle Film Festival in Sydney, 30 Days of Biking in Minneapolis. But our engineer Joel made me a new, custom steel bike (via Clockwork Bikes), it’s my new favorite! It was designed for commuting and touring, so it has stable handling and comfortable geometry for long rides, as well as all the necessary braze-ons for racks and fenders. The color I chose is inspired by my trip to Thailand earlier this year. I’ve only taken it on a few long rides so far, and I can’t wait to take it on a multi-day adventure.

What sets us apart from other bike rack manufacturers?

The majority of Dero folks are avid bicyclists, so we make sure our products provide solutions for people on bikes. We only make products that we would like to use. Also, Dero has a strong history of advocacy and continues to support organizations all around the country. It’s great to work for a company that gives back.

Favorite rack, and why you like it?

Currently, the Cycle Dock is my favorite. It looks amazing – sleek and refined.

Do you have any funny stories from working at Dero?

During my interview I had a moment of déjà vu when Andy mentioned that Dero used to be located above Bullwinkle’s. Back in college, I had an interview for an admin position for a bike rack company above a bar. I remember climbing the steep stairs to the office. It had tons of boxes everywhere, and not much else. I honestly thought it was a front for laundering money or something, but that was Dero! (I did not get the job.)

Why do people love Dero racks?

People love the quality of our products and our customer service. Our goal is to make our customers and their bikers happy.    

Dero Through the Years: If You Build It, They Will Come

Travis, our National Accounts Coordinator, is a man of many talents. On top of being a bike parking expert, did you know he also plays in local psych-folk band Lovely Dark? Today we take another look back at Dero’s history, this time through Travis’ words.

How long have you been at Dero?

Six years this July.

Where is your favorite place ride?

Next to friends.

What is your favorite bike to ride?

Surly Crosscheck.

What sets us apart from other bike rack manufacturers?

Our racks are designed by riders for riders and our main engineer is also a frame builder. With many avid bike riders on staff, we try to design our products to help cyclists. We’re a business but we believe in the “Field of Dreams” approach where good infrastructure is what leads to more cyclists and more work.

Do you have any funny stories from working at Dero?

In the old space, we would have to shut down occasionally from squirrels chewing through our exterior wires. Our old owner Rolf owned a few model ship websites and we used to field the occasional random call regarding the specifics of model ships. This was not divulged at the beginning but quickly we figured it out. The ships are long since gone but I still have the infamous Swedish ship, the Vasa, perched in my living room.

Favorite rack, and why you like it?

Ultra Space Saver. I have a set in my garage and they protected my bikes when it was broken into.

Why do people love Dero racks?

We’ve been around for a long time. We’re not going anywhere and there’s a lot of quality and history that goes into our racks. We can also help people realize almost any bike rack and they can be comfortable knowing that it’s going to work.

Ideals to Action: Climate Ride 2015

We believe bikes are not just a form of recreation but an integral element in a path toward more sustainable systems of transportation, public space, and consumption. At the end of May, our LA regional Sales Rep Greg participated in the California North Coast Climate Ride, a 5-day supported tour that promotes environmental stewardship and education. Below are Greg’s reflections on his experiences during the ride and how his work at Dero cultivates an active approach to advocacy. (All photos by Greg).
  1.       Why did you participate in the Climate Ride?

I participated in Climate Ride because I wanted to raise money to support the work of the LA County Bicycle Coalition. Having been a volunteer for a number of years now, I’ve seen firsthand the effect of their advocacy work to make safer streets in Los Angeles. I’d also never participated in a long-distance trek like Climate Ride, so I wanted to see if I could handle the physical task of 320+ miles. On the ride, I competed my first 100-mile “century” day, traveled the fastest I’d ever gone (41 mph!) and saw/rode through the Redwoods for the first time.


  1.       Who did you ride with?

I rode with Team LACBC – the largest and rowdiest group participating on the ride. Together, we raised a total of over $110K! This money will go towards supporting LACBC’s education and advocacy efforts to make LA a healthy, fun and safe place to ride a bike. You can still make a donation here if you’d like.
  1.       What kind of preparation did you do before the ride?

Armed with blissful optimism and the sophomoric knowledge that I bike every day, I only did a couple training rides before we left for the trip. I’d say the biggest hurdle in prepping for a 5-day bike trip was packing the right kits since I’m used to sunny SoCal weather. After this trip, I’m now the proud owner of some very toasty arm warmers, and I love them.


  1.       What did you learn about sustainability and active transportation from the ride?

On the first day, we stopped at a place called the Solar Living Institute and learned about the great work they’re doing to support solar training and sustainable living education. On other nights, we got to hear from Grid Alternatives, Corrine Winter of the Silicon Valley Bike Coalition, Amelia Conlen of Bike Santa Cruz County, Renee Rivera of Bike East Bay and LACBC’s own Education Director Colin Bogart. It was amazing and inspiring to hear about all of the current efforts being made by these and other groups all over the country. More and more, communities of people are beginning to realize the numerous benefits of cycling. Not only is it healthy for people and the environment, but it’s good for businesses too.
  1.       Why do you support bicycling advocacy?

I’m a person on a bike in Los Angeles because I hate sitting in traffic. I support bike advocacy because some people don’t have access to alternate forms of transportation and the streets should be safe for everyone. For cyclists who are just starting out, it can be very intimidating to get on the road and share the lane with cars. Better infrastructure has to take first priority and I’m really proud to see that the City is on it’s way to having Great Streets.  


  1.       How does Dero support cycling advocacy?

I see Dero’s products as an integral part of cycling advocacy. No matter where or what you ride, you always need to find a safe place to park. Whether it’s a new Fixit Station, Cycle Stall or Hoop Rack, Dero is helping to provide a more rich cycling experience for the residents of LA. It’s great to witness the drastic changes that have taken place in this city over the last few years and I’m so excited for what’s to come. I also want to say thank you to Dero for supporting and helping me reach my Climate Ride fundraising goal. It’s a great feeling – getting to work for a company that’s just as passionate about cycling as me.