Notes from a Bike Parking Nerd

Did you know that the Dero staff are a bunch of bike parking nerds? It’s true. Whenever we’re out riding, we constantly look for ways to improve the existing bicycling infrastructure we use every day. So how does that translate to the racks, shelters, and bike repair in our product line? In this first edition of “Notes from a Bike Parking Nerd,” we discuss the application and decision-making process that goes into choosing the best finish for your project.


Before jumping into details, let’s strip away the multitude of finish options, and talk about what, exactly, is in our bike racks. We’re proud of the fact that nearly all of our racks contain at least 83% post-consumer recycled steel. On top of that, we try our hardest to source steel that’s been milled in close proximity to our fab shop. Much like the principles behind farm-to-table, we take into consideration how our bike racks and public bike repair products are brought from mill-to-street. While our mild steel products are all harvested in our neighboring state, Iowa, all the steel in our Recycle Rack line are harvested right next door in St. Paul, MN. Even better? We guarantee that all our bike racks are 100% gluten free!


For some, the choice of what finish will work best for a project will come down to one question: Will this fit in with my building/company/brand aesthetic? If yours is a custom project, opting for one of the 250 custom powder coat colors offers the most creative freedom for your design. Both our PVC rubber dip and thermoplastic coat offer durable options for projects in high-traffic areas or on busy city streets. For eye-catching racks, stainless steel is also an option for most of our product line. Galvanized rounds out our finish options, and it provides incredible durability for an attractive price point. Below, we’ll weigh durability and upkeep for different installation conditions for each finish type.

POWDER COAT // While our powder coat finishes are very durable, they are susceptible to scratches. Road salt, heavy rains, and potential damage from street-cleaners or snow removal can take their toll on your rack’s finish (and this applies to all bike parking). Fear not, we are happy to provide touch-up paint should the need arise!

THERMOPLASTIC // Our thermoplastic coating offers less color choices than powder coat, but it is much more robust, typically being 8-10 mils thicker. Its additional thickness offers superior impact resistance over powder coating. And even if chips or scratches appear on your rack, the galvanized coating beneath the thermoplastic prevents rust from forming.


STAINLESS // What can we say? Stainless steel finish is our most beautiful and durable option, but it costs a premium. We use 304 grade stainless steel which will retain its like-new radiance for many years. Occasionally, steel from bikes or locks rubs onto a stainless rack’s surface, thus causing rust to appear. We want your stainless racks to stay pristine, so we now offer Rack Renewal, our new stainless steel cleaner.


GALVANIZED// Galvanized steel is both extremely durable and cost-efficient. It requires the least amount of upkeep and the galvanized finish doesn’t chip, scratch, or flake from regular use. For projects where you desire minimal upkeep but require maximum durability, galvanized is an excellent option.

PVC DIP // Our black PVC dip finish is one of the most resilient options that protects the rack from abrasions, impacts, and corrosion. It is UV-stabilized, and its rubbery exterior provides a slightly softer surface for bikes to lock up. PVC dip is optimized for smaller rack sizes such as our Hoop Rack and Swerve Rack.

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New Veloport™ is a Stylish Bike Locker

Dero is proud to announce the Veloport™, a stylish, unique, modular bike locker. The graceful lines and modern laser-cut design makes this locker stand out, while still offering the security and durability needed in long-term bike parking. Its unique, curved form is fully enclosed and offers double the security with a lockable, interior bike tray and u-lock/padlock or keyed options for the door. Its curved door smoothly rolls up and down, opening and closing with the help of a lift assist system.

The Veloport is bike security at its best and is ideal for long-term bike parking applications such as at transit hubs, college campuses, government centers, and airports. The laser cut holes on the font and side panels not only provide a unique look, but help with ventilation and offer site lines for high security settings. The interior tray guides bikes into position and offers a second layer of defense against thieves.

The Veloport is a single-sided, modular system, accommodating one bike per unit. Its frame is galvanized steel with the top and side steel panels available in numerous powder coat colors (door is aluminum). Numbered plates and a fat bike compatible tray are also options. Installation is simple, with assembly onsite with security bolts. The Veloport also ships flat to save on freight.

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Bicycle Facilities Help Commuters with First and Last Mile Connections to Transit Hubs

Commuters across the country are utilizing bicycles for their first and last mile to connect to transit. They seek convenient and safe facilities for long-term bike parking and other amenities to meet their multi-modal needs. Transit hubs are becoming more than just a place to board a train or bus, they are now places that seamlessly connect various modes of transportation. Below, a few of our sales reps from around the U.S. share their thoughts on the value of transit hubs in their regions:

Bikestation in Washington, DC

Photo: Flickr/thisisbossi

“Transportation networks that provide strong connections between different modes of transportation are hugely valuable to commuters. A transit hub affords commuters the option to ride a bike, walk, take a bus, or metro depending on how far and where they are traveling. Different modes may be most efficient at different times, it’s great to have the option to choose in the moment.”
Daniel, Washington DC

El Monte Bike Hub

“Transit Hubs like the one in El Monte are going to play an increasingly important role as transit technology moves forward and driving an individual car becomes less and less desirable. When commuters can safely ride and store their bikes at a transit hub, they’re automatically incorporating exercise into their day while doing away with the soul-sucking stress of sitting in traffic and finding parking once they arrive at work. Many commuters also cherish the morning time on their bike to clear their head and break a sweat or, once on the bus, read a book and regroup before the day begins. Connected to numerous public transit routes throughout the city, the El Monte Hub is giving people more options to move – and that’s a healthy step for everyone.”
Greg, Los Angeles

TriMet Bike Shelter, Portland, OR

“By enabling transportation choices with bike facilities, transit providers reach a broader audience and a larger effective service network. The better the facilities, the more people use them and the more viable it is for people to choose healthy lifestyles through active transportation These facilities have a small footprint, are affordable compared with auto facilities and play an essential role in the evolving urban transportation landscape.”
Paul, Pacific Northwest


Introducing the Biker Bar™ and Saddle Buddy™

The Biker Bar™ gives bicyclists a convenient place to rest while waiting at an intersection. The Saddle Buddy™ offers a spot for bicyclists to hang their bikes at trailheads or rest areas.

Biker Saddle

The Biker Bar is a leaning rail designed to give bicyclists a place to rest a hand and foot to balance while waiting at an intersection, never needing to dismount. People on bikes will no longer have to reach for the curb or a sign post to support them at traffic lights. The Biker Bar also acts as a push-off point, assisting riders in getting an efficient start from a full stop. This helps keep traffic moving efficiently and safely through the intersection. The Biker Bar also gives bicyclists a designated area to wait in a queue and out of the crosswalk, so pedestrians have a clear path. The Biker Bar is modular, so depending on the location, it can be extended to accommodate more bicyclists. It is easy to install and includes tamper-proof hardware.

The Saddle Buddy is a perfect amenity for mountain bike trailheads and park rest areas. Its simple design allows bikers to hang bikes from the front of the saddle, keeping them upright. While taking a break or gearing up for the ride ahead, bicyclists no longer need to find a nearby tree to lean their bike on or a patch of grass to lay their bike down. The Saddle Buddy is not designed as a lockable bike rack, but rather a convenient spot for riders who won’t be leaving bikes unattended. Available in galvanized steel to hold up to the elements.


GBA’s Dream(y) Bike Room

Originally posted on Bike Pittsburgh’s blog here Before-After

The Green Building Alliance’s new bike room transformation is oh so dreamy

Way back in 2014, the bike rack company Dero decided that they’d make some dreams come true. So they put together their Dero Dream Bike Room contest, offering $8,000 in bike racks and paint to the non-profit organization with the biggest bike dream. The contest launched nationally and when the dust settled it just so happened that Pittsburgh’s-own Green Building Alliance could dream bikes biggest.

For the next few months, BikePGH worked with GBA and the bike room design consultants at Dero to plan out an amazing alternative life to an underused storage closet on the organization’s first floor. GBA then rolled up their sleeves and got to work. They moved all the junk out of the room, gave it a good floor to ceiling scrub, and put a few coats of paint on the floors and walls.

Not long after a big truck rolled up and dropped off….

Quite an order.

They then called over a few of their friends at BikePGH, Pittsburgh Bike Share, and Fukui Architects to indulge in a few beers and some powertool work:


And before long…. the Green Building Alliance Dream Bike Room was born! (<– check out that link for pictures).



And there ya’ have it. From drab to fab. A dingy closet turned into a first-class amenity that will encourage the 300 people who work in their building to try biking to work.

Culture change is all about removing barriers. Its incremental. And investments like this push the needle in the right direction because they show that bikes are deserving of attractive, easy-to-use facilities.

Give us a shout to talk about bike parking. We’d love to help bring the next designer bike room to your corner of the ‘Burgh.