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Accessible bike parking encourages biking, which lessens traffic congestion and contributes to a greener environment. Biking also leads to healthier happier citizens. Dero has worked with many government agencies to provide bike parking and storage in downtown shopping areas, at libraries, at government offices, in police stations, at train and bus stations, and at military bases.


Sample Bike Rack Cost Share Programs

Many city governments have programs in place to help share the cost of installing bicycle parking in front of local businesses. Provided here are a few links to some city cost-share programs to help you structure your own program.


Bike Plans and Ordinances

Is your agency drafting a bike plan or new set of ordinances? We have collected a list of examples from various cities for your reference.

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Our job is to make providing bike parking easy. From selecting the right product for your needs, to our quick turn-around on estimates, to easy ordering, receiving and installing your rack, we are here to help.