Air Kit / installation

Tools Needed for Installation

Tape measure
Marker or pencil
Masonry drill bit 3/8"
Drill (Hammer drill recommended)
Wrench 9/16"

Recommended Base Materials

Solid concrete is the best base material for installation. To ensure the proper anchors are shipped with your rack, ask your Dero Rack representative which anchor is appropriate for your application. Be sure nothing is underneath the base material that could be damaged by drilling.


install step 1
1 Place the unit in the desired location. Use a marker or pencil to outline the holes of the flange onto the base material.
install step 2
2 Drill the holes in accordance with the specifications shipped with the anchors. Make sure the holes are at least 3" away from any cracks in the base material.
level rack
3 Use washers to level rack if necessary.
tap anchors
4 Tap in anchors and follow your specific anchor instructions provided with the rack.