Bike Haven / installation

Tools Needed For Installation

Tape Measure
Marker or pencil
Rubber Mallet
Drill (Hammer Drill Recommended)
5/16" Socket with drill attachment

1/2" Masonry Bit
3/4" Wrench/Socket
9/16" Wrench/Socket
Philips Head Screwdriver
Heavy Lifting Equipment
1/4" Masonry Drill Bit (for panels)
1/2" Drill Bit (for panels)


Base Structure

install step 1
1 Customer is responsible for preparing the slab with minimum strength of 2500psi as shown

install step 2
2 Lay an UPRIGHT SHORT and UPRIGHT TALL on the ground parallel to each other and about 86" apart. Lay a ROOF MEMBER between the two uprights and attach with four 1/2" bolts (finger tight). Note that the open square in the middle of the ROOF MEMBER should be facing the top of the assembly.

Repeat this step for the other UPRIGHTS and ROOF MEMBER.

install step 1
3 With the help of 2 assistants, stand both UPRIGHT ASSEMBLIES up, about 136" apart. Lift a ROOF MEMBER LONG into place and attach it with four 1/2" bolts (finger tight). Lift the remaining ROOF MEMBER LONG pieces into place and attach them with four 1/2" bolts each.

If installing additional units, repeat step 3 until all framework is assembled.

Tighten all 1/2" bolts.

install step 2
4 Place the initial ROOF PANEL at one end of the assembly. The panel should cover both openings at the top of the uprights. With a self-drilling screw, drill through the ROOF PANEL and ROOF MEMBER LONG in noted points.

You may want to clamp a wood 2x4 to both UPRIGHT SHORTS at the level of the ROOF panel, so that all the ROOF PANELS stay aligned with each other.

Place the next ROOF PANEL in place, drill where noted. Repeat with the rest of the ROOF PANELS. ROOF PANELS should overlap by the noted amount. The last ROOF PANEL may overlap more.

install step 1
5 Drill 1/2" holes in the ground at the four slotted holes in the UPRIGHTS and secure the UPRIGHTS with 1/2" wedge anchors.