Custom Bike Racks

Your Design, Your Bike Rack

Got an idea for a great bike rack? Send us a rough sketch on a napkin, a logo, or just an idea - and we will work with you to turn your concept into a fully functional piece of street art.

Tell us your idea!

Who Orders Custom Bike Racks?


Architects and Planners

A bicycle parking facility should look as if it were a planned part of the landscape. Custom bike racks offer an inexpensive way to make a statement about the facility or complement a theme or look of a facility.


Corporate Customers

Looking to reinforce your brand image and make a statement that your company supports alternative modes of transportation? Consider a logo rack.


Schools and Community Centers

Why not truly customize the rack by having students design their own racks? Dero has worked with several schools to produce racks designed by the students themselves. The costs can be surprisingly affordable. We have also provided standard racks with only a primed finish so the students paint the racks themselves which keep costs low but still allows student involvement.


Museums and Public Institutions

Custom racks have been popular for public institutions as a way to make their entrances more interesting as well as encouraging people to ride their bikes. For example, a natural history museum might order a bike rack that looks like dinosaur. An aquarium might order a Fish Rack. A music hall might order music racks. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


Business Districts and Downtowns

Use bike racks to emphasize the vibrant nature of your district while encouraging visitors to bike!


City Parks and Trails

Cities spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to create a unified look throughout the city. Use custom racks to unify the look of your city and encourage people to get on their bikes!