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Dero ZAP

Bike Commuter Counter
rfid tag attaches to wheel
1. A ZAP administrator is established at your organization. New participants bring their bikes in and are given an RFID tag that attaches to their bike. The tag is tamper-proof. It will be destroyed if someone attempts to remove it. This will prevent participants from removing the tags from their bikes and cheating. The administrator links the RFID tag to the participant in an online database.
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2. Dero ZAP Readers are placed at one or more strategic locations. Each ZAP Reader is surrounded by a clearly indicated ZAP ZONE. Commuters bike through the ZAP ZONE as they arrive. When the ZAP station detects the tag it emits an audible and visual cue to the biker to indicate they have been counted.
install step 2
3. After parking their bikes and sitting down at their desks, commuters can log in to the Dero ZAP Web site and check how many times that month they have been ZAPPED! Administrators can export full reports in CSV format.