Resources for College Campuses

Meeting Campus Needs

Dero Bike Racks can be found on some of the largest college and university campuses from coast to coast, including Alaska and Hawaii. Our reputation for excellent service and a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of campuses keeps clients coming back for years.

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Building Your On-Campus Biking Infrastructure

The benefits of biking are clear - Moving commuters out of their cars and into active modes of transportation like biking means less traffic congestion, less greenhouse gas emissions, lower costs for building and maintaining car parking, and improved health of your commuting students and staff (which means lower health care costs too!) Without adequate support for biking as a means of transportation, commuters will simply choose to ride to campus on four wheels instead of two. Below are some areas Dero can help you bolster your biking infrastructure on campus . If you build it, they will come!