Dero Attends Oberstar Forum

oberstar08podium1.JPG  This past Monday, Dero advocacy staff attended the James L. Oberstar Forum on Transportation Policy and Technology, held by the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota. The presiding message of this year’s forum, “Transformation of National Transporation Policy for the 21st Century” was led off by Chairman Oberstar himself. Oberstar recalled the first major vision for transporation change in the US in 1894- The beginning of what became the US highway system. It was a movement led by the League of American Wheelmen, now the League of American Bicyclists.( Oberstar went onto recount the major changes in US transporation history.  Congressman Tim Walz (1st District MN) provided an explanation of how there doesn’t have to be a disconnect between national policy and local needs, emphasizing “policy must drive the legislation,” not ideology. “What is the next vision for transportation?” posed Chairman Oberstar. Panel discussions on the National Commission Recommendations and The Likelihood of Policy Transformation provided a framework and resounding answer that the new transportation bill would be vastly changed from its predecessor.  For more information on the recommendations from the National Commision, please visit: Panel Discussion

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