Dero partners with DEZIGNLINE™ to Introduce New Protected Bikeway and Pedestrian Solutions for Safer Streets

Dero is proud to partner with DEZIGNLINE™ to offer cities a suite of protected bikeway and pedestrian solutions to create safer streets. These systems are innovative, cost-effective modular infrastructure options that physically separate vehicular traffic from bike lanes and pedestrian zones. As DEZIGNLINE’s exclusive distributor, Dero now offers its complete suite of complementary, aesthetically-pleasing products: BIKERAIL™, PEDRAIL™, Planters, and the PEDISTILL® Hand+Foot Rest. Designed to meet communities’ minimal-to-robust project needs, all solutions are appropriate for new or retrofit construction, and for temporary or permanent installation.


This system is a strong steel barrier designed to create a fully protected bike lane. Steel Rail sections are 5”H x 3”W and available in 4’ and 8’ lengths.
The BIKERAIL™ steel barrier system.
PEDRAIL™ This system creates safe pedestrian zones, including intersection bump-outs, center medians and refuge islands. Steel rail sections are 4”H x 2”W and available in 2’ and 4’ lengths.
The PEDRAIL™ features a modular design to enhance pedestrian safety in busy urban corridors.
Concrete Planters Planters offer a green solution that provides maximum protection to cyclists in a bike lane. DEZIGNLINE’s architectural precast concrete planters are available in five colors, each with an acid wash finish. Additional options include a self-watering system, signage and PEDISTILL® accessories.
Concrete Planters are attractive barriers that provide maximum protection for cyclists.
PEDISTILL® Hand+Foot Rest This one-piece steel accessory attaches to a DEZIGNLINE Planter. The planter-PEDISTILL combo is typically located in bike lane buffer zones at intersections and functions as a red-light rest stop for cyclists. The PEDISTILL is customizable and available in galvanized or powder coat color.
The PEDISTILL® is a one-piece steel accessory that provides a convenient resting spot at intersections for cyclists.