Red Light Rest Stop

A handy hand+foot rest, PEDISTILL® is a one-piece steel accessory that hooks onto and fits perfectly over the edge of a DEZIGNLINE™ Concrete Planter. The Planter-PEDISTILL® combo is typically located in bike lane buffer zones and stationed at intersections where bicyclists grab, hold and rest while waiting for the green light. Customizable with street names, city logos, neighborhood marks, etc., and non-skid surface on foot plate.

Two Versions

The PEDISTILL® Hand+Foot Rest is available for surface- or curb-mount Planters. Choose galvanized or powder coat color finish.


Feature a street name, city logo, neighborhood mark, or area/zone symbol on the PEDISTILL®’s front bar.

Optional Non-slip strip on Foot Plate

Choose multi-strip or solid block style.



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