Planters with Purpose

Our 4’-long DEZIGNLINE™ STEELGREEN™ Planters are multi-purpose structures in bike lane buffer zones: protective, green, portable, and customizable to promote community identity. Made of 100% steel and galvanized for rust resistance, their strong, durable basin is available in numerous colors, and their forklift-ready base can be anchored to the surface for added stability.

STEELGREEN Planters’ contemporary design can be customized with removable INFOPANELS™ featuring city logos, imagery, or even advertising. Add a PEDISTILL® Hand+Foot Rest for planters located at intersections.

STEELGREEN Planters are also appropriate for placement in transit corridors, streetscapes, pedestrian malls, urban plazas, corporate and academic campuses, and more.

Size and Weight

Outside dimensions: 48”L x 24”W x 25”H

Weight (empty): 220 lbs.

Weight (full soil load): 520 lbs.

Add a Handy PEDISTILL®

The DEZIGNLINE™ PEDISTILL® is a steel accessory that turns STEELGREEN Planters into convenient red-light rest stops when located in bike lane buffer zones at signalized intersections. Bicyclists grab, hold, and enjoy staying on their bikes while waiting for the green light. Available in galvanized finish, the PEDISTILL includes both the foot plate (with non-skid surface) and hand rail.

Customize for your Community

STEELGREEN Planters are highly customizable. Basins are available in a galvanized finish, or in a color that reflects your community’s branding. Optional INFOPANELS (galvanized or color) are 24”L x 8”H removable steel panels featuring a standard bicycle graphic, or your choice of logo(s) or imagery. Bicycle graphic and simple imagery can be laser cut into INFOPANELs. Multifaceted imagery is produced on an adhesive material which is applied to the panels. Choose INFOPANELs for one or both sides of the Planter.

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