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Dero, a leading and rapidly growing manufacturer of bicycle storage racks, shelters and systems, is looking for an Accounts Receivable Clerk. This is a full-time, hourly, non-exempt position at $17/hr. To apply, email resume and cover letter to Helen Truax at [email protected] No phone calls, please. Deadline to apply is January 31, 2017.


The Accounts Receivable Clerk is responsible for daily accounts receivable activities, including invoice processing, payment processing and contacting customers. The Accounts Receivable Clerk assists with month-end close activities and monthly account reconciliations. The Accounts Receivable Clerk serves as backup for the other accounting positions and may be asked to fill in duties from time to time.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


• Perform timely invoicing of customers including correspondence via mail and email

• Contact delinquent AR accounts

• Process credit card payments through third-party website

• Enter customer payments into ERP software

• File pre-lien notices and lien waivers; obtain and notarize signature of General Manager

• Ensure AR records are filed neatly and readily accessible


• Send out customer account statements

• Reconcile bank statements

• Assist with preparation for month-end and year-end close

• Other duties as assigned


• Associate’s Degree or two (2) years of comparable experience

• Able to read and understand invoices, bills of lading and procedure manuals

• Able to communicate effectively in English in writing and over the phone

• Problem-solving skills, including information gathering, dispute resolution, and escalation

• Strong attention to detail

• Ability to become a Notary Public within 60 days of hire

• Proficient with Excel and Word; experience with Dynamics AX or other ERP software a plus

Work Environment

• Frequent computer and phone use

• Occasional need to lift up to 50 pounds

• Dog-friendly office; employees often bring well-behaved dogs to work

Current office: 504 Malcolm Ave SE, Suite 100, Minneapolis, MN 55414. New office: April 2017 Dero is moving to 42 Northern Stacks Drive, Fridley, MN 55421.


Notes from a bike parking nerd: Year in bike

For everyone at Dero, 2016 was all about hustling. We set lofty goals for what we wanted to achieve- more bike parking EVERYWHERE, expand our growing line-up of long-term bike parking, create rad new custom designs, and continue to support local and national bicycle advocacy projects. Oh, and we wanted to ride our bikes a bit, too.


First and foremost, we significantly expanded both our bike locker and bike shelter lineups with the introduction of our Veloport, Dero Locker 33, Bike Depot, and Stratus Shelter. Our engineering department spent months testing prototypes, sourcing doo-dads, and ultimately designing products that both complement and innovate relative to our current offerings. Why focus on shelters and lockers? Because long-term bike parking (which we explain here), is becoming more in-demand across the country. More long-term solutions means more folks are likely to bike all or at least part way to their destination.


We released countless new custom rack designs this year–from ice cream cones to chemical compounds. You can see many of them on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, but by far, one of our favorite designs was our Swedish Dalahäst from last spring.


Our 2016 advocacy work took all shapes and forms. When a local pro cyclocross racer, Nicole Mertz, was dropped by her team for speaking out against sexism, we stepped up and sponsored her. In February, we led panels at the Winter Cycling Congress and shared the joy of riding in freshly plowed bike lanes in the snow with cyclists from around the world. We attended Bike Summits near and far, including the National Bike Summit in Washington, DC, as well as regional summits around the country. And to top everything off, at Pro Walk / Pro Bike / Pro Place we threw our second ever Dero Party (it was a smashing success), that celebrated the work of advocates around the world.


In 2016, we logged over 20,000 miles according to our Dero ZAP tally. Earth’s equator is 24,000 miles in length, and so our goal for 2017 is to reach those miles! We rode fat bikes through drifts of snow, raced on our local velodrome, and explored new bike lanes and infrastructure in cities across the US and in Europe. Our shared passion for riding bikes went hand-in-hand with our work at Dero. The more we were inspired by using quality and secure bike infrastructure, the greater our impetus for providing products for others to be able to do the same.


Lastly, we need to take a minute to recognize how hard our fab shop workers, office folks, and outside reps worked this year. The hustle is real, and our Dero staff did nothing less than exemplify this mantra all year long. While 2016 had its ups and downs, we’re ready to take on 2017 with two wheels under our feet. Thanks for a great year.

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New Chicago Area Dero Sales Representative Offering the Best in Bike Parking

Dero is proud to introduce its new Chicago area sales representative, Jason Jenkins. He will provide Dero’s full line of bike parking and bicycle transit solutions for customers in the metro area. Jenkins will also offer installation assistance, and free quotes, site visits, and CAD layouts.

Jason Jenkins is passionate about bicycling. He joins the Dero team after eight years working for the Active Transportation Alliance, the Chicagoland regional advocacy organization for biking, walking, and transit. He was the Education Specialist and Crash Support Programs Manager, working with schools, institutions, and the general public to provide educational and safety programming around biking, walking, and transit. He also managed its crash response programs, hotline, and courtroom advocacy. In addition, he made a helpful YouTube video entitled, “How (Not) to Get Your Bike Stolen.”

This experience, plus his history in the construction and carpentry industries, gives him a unique perspective on the importance of bike infrastructure. He will be an invaluable resource for architects, developers, building owners and facility managers, municipalities, universities, and park and rec, to meet the high demand for bike parking in the region. “I’m excited about starting a new chapter with Dero where I can stay engaged in the bike world and continue to contribute to and encourage sustainable, active, and healthy living,” states Jason Jenkins, new Dero sales representative.

Jason Jenkins

Outside Sales, Chicago


Direct: 651-658-4720

Fax: 612-331-2731

[email protected]

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New Stratus Shelter Brings Dero’s Bike Shelter Line to New Heights

Dero is proud to introduce the Stratus Shelter™, a stunning glass and steel bike parking structure that is perfect for two-tiered bike racks. Its modular design with numerous configuration options makes this bike shelter a unique and breathtaking bicycle storage solution.

The Stratus Shelter is a striking bike shelter option for any transit station, university campus, or multi-family residential building project. It is constructed of American-made galvanized steel, and clear, tempered, laminated glass roof panels. Customers can choose single or double-sided roof panels that can be configured flush or in varying angles to create several attractive patterns. Optional glass side panels are also available for additional protection from the elements.


The Stratus Shelter looks delicate and airy, but it is rated to withstand heavy seismic disruptions. Its height is specifically designed to accommodate two-tiered racks like the Dero Decker and Dero Duplex, or vertical parking systems like the Ultra Space Saver. These space-efficient bike racks maximize a project’s bike parking capacity. All bike rack systems are sold separately.


Notes From a Bike Parking Nerd: Long-Term Bicycle Parking

What is long-term bicycle parking?

Compared to short-term parking, long-term bike parking provides greater security and better protection from the elements. It’s designed to meet the bike storage needs of daily bike commuters, housing residents, and public transit users. The likelihood of an individual riding to their final destination is increased when higher-quality, sheltered bike parking is available. Below, we’ll break down the different styles and applications of long-term bike parking.


Bike Shelters

Fully enclosed, covered bike shelters provide excellent long-term bicycle parking options if the outdoor space is available. Shelters like the Dero Bike Depot and Stratus Shelter™ offer great customizability to accommodate varying levels of security, modular expansion, and styles of bike parking. Two-tiered and vertical bike racks pair especially well with bike shelters, since they can fit more bicycles in less space.


Bike Lockers

Bicycle lockers provide the highest level of individual bike security, giving users peace of mind when parking their bike for extended periods. Lockers are increasingly popular at transit hubs owing to their modular design and ability to accommodate multimodal transit users. At Dero, we’ve designed an entire line up of two and singled sided bike lockers to fit a wide array of floor plans and design requirements.


Indoor Bike Rooms

Indoor bike rooms are designed to restrict access to specific users and are fully sealed off from the weather. Bike rooms can provide the greatest flexibility in types of bike parking to accommodate a variety of users–many developers are providing both space-saving, vertical bike racks in tandem with floor mounted racks. This balances the need for optimizing space constraints while providing options for people of varying abilities and bike styles. Cities like San Francisco stipulate the inclusion of bike rooms in new developments that surpass certain size or zoning dimensions. Additionally, bike rooms can include further bike-friendly amenities like gear lockers, public bike repair, and bike showers. 

As ridership grows across the country, the demands placed on long-term bike parking will continue to evolve. We’ve brought our past two decades of design knowledge, engineering, and riding experience to provide industry-leading resources for everyone who wants high quality, secure bike parking. If you want to learn more about other types of bicycle parking, check out our Bike Parking Guide and subscribe to our monthly newsletter.