Dero Decker

Dero Decker

The Next Level of Parking

The Dero Decker takes bike parking to the next level - literally. By stacking bikes on a two-tiered system, capacity doubles. Unlike other double decker systems our lift-assist top trays slide down inches from the ground, thus requiring only minimal lifting of the bike into the tray.

The Dero Decker has a front wheel safety locking lever and tray dampers to provide safe lowering of upper trays. The vertical load trays also reduce the required aisle space, giving the Dero Decker the smallest footprint on the market.

Single or Double

The Dero Decker is modular and available in single and double-sided configurations.

Free CAD Layout

Let us show you how Dero can optimize your bike parking with a free CAD layout of your space.