Air Kit

air kit

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pump stop

The Dero Pump Stop holds users' bikes upright while filling their tires – a great addition to your public bike pump. See More...

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Provide Air Support

The most common maintenance issue for any biker is keeping air in the tires. Help out your cyclists by adding a Dero Air Kit to your bike parking area. The pump is secured with tamper-proof hardware and reinforced for maximum durability.

Make your bike parking even more bike friendly with the Air Kit.

For a fully equipped bike repair stand, check out the Dero Fixit

Air Kit Comparison Chart

  Air Kit 1
Air Kit 2
Air Kit 3
PSI Gauge      
Anti-Fog Gauge      
Magnetic Head      
3 Foot Hose      
BMX Grips      
Security Level Moderate High High
-30 to 110 F Gasket      
Attach to Fixit      
Surface Mount      
Maintenance Moderate Easy Easy
Warranty 6 Mo. 1 Year 1 Year