Rock and Roll do go together

 Rock the Garden Racks

Just an update and thanks to all of you who came out to enjoy Rock the Garden by “rolling” in on bike.  Dero was really excited to partner for this great opportunity and apparently so were many attendees. One photographer for the event said, “This is like Amsterdam!” We certainly haven’t seen this kind of participation for a non-cycling event in Minneapolis. But, there clearly is a demand for secure, temporary parking at major events. In addition to the nearly 500 spots shown here, there were easily more than a hundred bikes locked to permenant racks, fences, railings and anything else within close proximity to the Walker Art Center. Taken from the 7,500 total attendees, that would mean that nearly 10% of them arrived by bike! Look out Portland! Bike Parking at Rock the GardenFull Event Racks

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