As biking becomes an increasingly popular mode of transportation across the country, special consideration needs to be given to accommodate bikes as they arrive at their destinations. Bike parking should be incorporated into the streetscapes in a way that is both attractive and serves the needs of cyclists for security and capacity. We have collected some of our own tips and observations below to help guide your bike parking project to success for all involved.

Bikes = Business

Why should we accommodate bikes in the first place? Quite simply, bikes = business. Studies have shown that implementing bike infrastructure such as bike lanes and on-street bike racks in business districts noticeably increases the amount of business merchants receive. Bicyclists are much more likely to notice and stop at business along their route than motorists and many more bikes than cars can park outside a business’s front door. Browse Streetscape Products


A Little Help Here

An air pump and basic tools are simple amenities that can turn a bad break into a lucky day. Customers, guests, and employees will appreciate knowing that you’ve got their back. Browse Bike Repair Products

A Sense of Place

Customized bike racks meld functional design with distinct flair to help elevate locations and brands. Browse Custom Bike Racks


No More Wheel Benders

Not all bike parking is created equal. Despite their good intentions, we wish some racks were never created at all. Save the wheels and install bike racks that also support the bike’s frame.

Take it to the Street

Where sidewalk space is limited and bike parking is short, why not move the bikes to the street? Several cities have been placing bike corrals in spaces previously used for car parking. Business owners where bike corrals are installed are usually pleased to find that they can park 10-15 customers in front of their shop in the same space that a single car would occupy. Browse On-Street Bike Parking

Room to Roam

When placing bike racks, it is important to follow some basic guidelines for setbacks to ensure that you do not impede the movement of pedestrians and to provide adequate space around parked bikes. Here is a diagram illustrating our recommended setbacks for bike racks from walls, streets and from each other.