Meet our Outside Reps: Paul Buchanan (Pacific Northwest)

At Dero we pride ourselves at knowing bicycle parking, inside and out. A large part of that is hiring passionate people who ride bikes in their daily lives and understand the importance of secure bicycle storage. Throughout 2018 we want to showcase our regional experts so you can get to know the person who is designing that awesome bike room for you.

How long have you been with Dero?

I started with Dero at the end of September 2015

What regions do you serve?

I serve the Pacific Northwest but stick west of the Cascades mostly so I call it Cascadia.

What is your favorite local bike path to ride?

I get to work in Seattle and Portland…so it’s hard to choose! In Seattle proper, my favorite path is the Alki Bike Path where you get sweeping views of Downtown and the Cascades from the shores of Puget Sound. My favorite regional trail has got to be the Burke! I think it’s a lot of folk’s favorites as it runs from Fremont (maybe even Ballard soon) all the way to the north tip of Lake Washington where it connects to the Sammamish river which itself runs down one of the most beautiful valleys in the region. In Portland it has to be the Eastbank Esplinade…it reminds me so much of home and the trails along the Mississippi river where I used to live across from downtown. The Springwater Corridor Trail in Portland is my favorite regional trail because it also connects to so much! You can take it Gresham and cut through town to get to Multnomah Falls. Portland also has so many great bike lanes in the city and regionally that connect to so much; Oregon City, Vancouver WA, Beaverton, etc etc.

Do you have a favorite bicycle memory or story?

One of my favorite memories of cycling is getting back into it as an adult. I’d spent my childhood on bike, getting to friends’ houses, school, everywhere really. I forget when but I stopped riding and didn’t pick it up again until I was 22 and living with a partner at their aunt’s house. The aunt had a spare bike and campus was 7 miles away so I’d ride every day to university, around campus, and back home again, being reminded of the freedom that a bicycle imparts.

Why do you enjoy keeping people’s bicycles safe/working at Dero?

My FAVORITE thing about working at Dero is knowing that when I have a hand in design and implementation of a really great bike room or bike facility that I’m enabling people’s choice to ride their bicycle to and from work, their apartments, condos, homes, etc. I know that a great bike rack is warm, welcoming and encouraging for people to make healthy, sustainable transportation and life choices.

To talk to Paul about your bicycle parking needs, they can be reached at [email protected] or (612) 741-6357.