New DEZIGNLINE™ PEDRAIL™ Installed in Downtown Minneapolis

Earlier in September, Dero and DezignLine™, in collaboration with Minneapolis Public Works, installed the first pilot project of the new PEDRAIL™ pedestrian safety barrier. Designed to be modular, easily installed, and very sturdy, the PEDRAIL implemented at Chicago Avenue and 7th Street in downtown Minneapolis creates what’s known as a “bump-out” barrier for pedestrians at the intersection. It serves to decrease the distance one is exposed to vehicular traffic while crossing the intersection, as well as controls the flow of cars by increasing their turning radius.

Here’s a photo of the Chicago and 7th St. intersection before the PEDRAIL installation:

The intersection of Chicago Avenue and 7th Street before the PEDRAIL installation.
And here are shots of the intersection with the PEDRAIL installed:

Looking north.

Looking south.

Pedestrians benefit from increased visibility and decreased distance across the intersection.

The PEDRAIL’s feet leave no anchors exposed to the outer edge of the installation.

To leave feedback, call 311.

If you live in Minneapolis, check out the PEDRAIL in person! The City of Minneapolis is collecting feedback on the pilot project, so be sure to let them know what you think by calling 311.