Introducing New Fixit World Map

Fixit map, featuring over 700 public bike repair stations from around the world, with new stations added daily. Cities, regional parks, universities, and bicycle advocacy groups can now embed this map in their bicycle resources webpage to share with their residents and members. “By creating this map, we hope it will help bicyclists to find a Fixit when they’re in a pinch. We want people to be able get home or to a bike shop safely,” expressed map creator Colin Klotzbach, designer at Dero. For the past year, Dero has been collecting coordinates for Fixits in the public realm. QR code scans on the Fixit alert Dero to possible installations and they are then verified through press releases or social media posts. Helpful customers and cyclists also send in locations of repair stations. The Fixit map continues to grow as the popularity of bicycling around the world increases. Currently, Dero Fixits can be found in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States, including Puerto Rico. To view Dero’s Fixit map, click here. If a Fixit is misplaced or missing from the map, please contact us.