Notes From a Bike Parking Nerd: Public Bike Repair


Public bike repair goes with quality bicycle parking like a smile while riding your favorite two-wheeled steed. Riders never know when they’ll need to make a minor adjustment, whether it’s tightening brakes, pumping up tires, or adjusting seatpost height. Bike repair amenities like our Fixit and Tool Kits are at home in nearly any setting–secured bike rooms, city parks and trails, covered bike shelters, college campuses, and private businesses. Both the Fixit and Tool Kits include all the necessary tools to perform basic repairs and maintenance, and they’re securely attached using aircraft grade stainless steel cables and tamper-resistant fasteners. Also check out our crowdsourced map with locations of nearly 900 public Fixit stations around the world.

Differences between Air Kit 2 & Air Kit 3

We offer two heavy-duty air pump models to accompany your public bike repair. The Air Kit 2 and Air Kit 3 were both designed from the ground up by Dero engineers, are constructed from quality steel tubing, and require minimal upkeep to maintain (more on this later in the post). The primary differences between the two models are:

Air Kit 2:

  • -Both Fixit-mounted and freestanding options
  • -Smaller footprint
  • -No pressure gauge

Air Kit 3:

  • -Freestanding mount only
  • -Larger footprint
  • -Includes waterproof, anti-fog pressure gauge

Step 3b

Pump maintenance 101

Our Air Kit pumps both feature lots of moving parts. And like the components on your bicycle, worn out or abused parts occasionally need to be replaced to keep them functioning optimally. The most common maintenance you will perform on your Air Kit is replacing the hose and/or pump head. Fortunately for you, we have detailed video and print instructions that walk you through this process for replacing the pump head and hose on an Air Kit 2. Additionally, nearly all of the replacement parts for our Air Kits (and Fixit stands) can be easily ordered on our website.


Pump Stops

Pump Stops are the most unassuming product in our bike repair lineup.Not everyone has a kickstand, so we designed it to accompany our Air Kit pumps. A Pump Stop holds your bicycle upright so you can easily fill your tires with air, without risking it falling over in the process.

If you need any further assistance with planning or maintaining your public bike repair amenities, please feel free to reach out to our customer service department by calling (888) 337-6729.