The Path to Success: Securing Safe Bike Commuting Routes for Dero Staff

Ben, Colin, & Steph on Bike to Work Day.
everyday is bike to work day.
River view along the Mississippi River Regional Trail.
trail’s website:

“There is no trail maintenance during the winter, including plowing and clearing. Please follow the posted detour routes. Thank you for your patience during this process.”

Map of the closed trail section. Note the detour (yellow) takes riders across the river–opposite the side Dero is located.
a 4-lane, 55-mph highway. And when it snows the shoulder all but disappears, leaving us the unpleasant decision to take the lane, despite deadly speed differentials, or hike-a-bike on the unplowed path. However, Dero employees rose to the challenge (as any Bike Friendly Business would), and organized a multi-pronged email and call-in campaign to the City of Fridley and the Anoka County Parks department. We rallied our non-biking coworkers, building owners, and other commuters within the greater Minneapolis biking community to chime in too.
View of the plowed trail.
A plowed trail means Bri is happy. Thumbs up!