Smart Bike Locker smart-bike-locker

The Smart Bike Locker™ powered by Bikeep isn’t just about security – it’s a reflection of our dedication to a smarter, more connected future. With easy smartphone access for users and a robust console for administrators, this locker does away with lost keys and passcodes to create a seamless, intuitive bike parking experience. Add optional charging ports to let e-bike riders begin every trip with full power.

Smartphone Access for Cyclists

screenshots of smartphone app

The app enables cyclists to join and use the full potential of the integrated network. Cyclists can conveniently plan commutes and reserve their parking spots ahead of time. Through the easy-to-use Bikeep app, responsive customer support is at the cyclists’ fingertips.

Advanced Console for Admins

screenshots of admin console

Bikeep’s Console gathers real-time and statistical information about locations, parking usage, and cyclists. It allows you (the operator) to remotely manage access, including lock/unlock, payment options, and surveillance.

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